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The Big Read & Write 2020

The Big Read and Write takes place on Wednesday 25th March and all of Cambridgeshire’s Year 5 Teachers are invited to join in!  Thanks to the magic of live-streaming we will be able to beam this wonderful live author event out to the whole of the county. The Kite TSA is delighted to confirm that dozens of schools from across the county are already signed up and making use of the jam-packed and FREE Teacher Pack. 

The Big Read & Write is Cambridgeshire’s annual literacy initiative for Year 5 children. Schools from across the county bring classes to the live event at Lady Mitchell Hall in Cambridge and many more join us via the live webcast. For 2020 our theme is ‘Precious Planet’ and the featured author is Sita Brahmachari with her book ‘Where the river runs gold’.

By having a large auditorium for over 400 children and by broadcasting live via YouTube this event aims to reach as many of Cambridgeshire’s Year 5 children as possible. ALL participating schools benefit from a dedicated teacher resource pack which is full of ideas and information.

The hour long live event allows the featured author (Sita Brahmachari) to share extracts from their books and to give a little bit of background about how they came to be a writer. They then introduce The Big Read & Write Story Writing Competition to children and build up excitement about the great prizes for the winning author and their school! Finally our author goes on to a live and interactive Q&A session (with both the live audience and with remote participants via twitter) which allows children to connect and really delve into what it’s like to be a writer and hear some tips and advice for success.

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The Cambridge Literary Festival  Spring Programme (16th-19th April 2020) Children’s Programme is hot off the press!  Take a look inside for us!