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Cambridgeshire visit by the King of Comprehension

John Murray’s majestic command of comprehension CPD comes highly recommended and whilst we’ve not yet seen him in Cambridgeshire before we’re certain his impact will be prestigious. He is the creator of Reading Explorers, Top Class Comprehension & Reading Rocketeers. He is a literacy consultant specialising in Reading Comprehension and receives outstanding feedback on his course content and facilitation.


This course considers the reasons why learners can find the transition into skills-based reading problematic, discusses how these might be addressed and explores the structure of a good reading intervention session.
Find out how to boost reading comprehension levels in order to:
Develop a learner’s higher order reading skills using decodable text.
Improve their understanding of what is being read at word, sentence and whole text level.
Key Learning Aim:
To consider the difference between Shared and Guided Reading and explore reasons why some learners find it difficult to understand what they are able to decode across Key Stages 1 & 2.
To equip teachers with the necessary strategies and techniques that will enable their learner’s reading comprehension to move forward.
Should you wish to purchase the Reading Rocketeers resource that supports this course, there is an additional cost of £35.

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John Murray's Reading Rocketeers Intervention
Reading Rocketeers with John Murray


We get very powerful feedback from course delegates that we deliver inspiring and revolutionary CPD. 

Our Autumn Term 2019 Phonics Training Day received comments like this;

“an absolute 5 out of 5!….impact in our school will be huge”

“fantastic day…I arrived not knowing whether it would be yet another course, but NO! Absolutely inspiring”

“best course EVER!!!..I normally struggle to stay focused on training but I really did love this one and feel genuinely inspired and motivated”

“the enthusiasm is infectious. Inspired to bring that to the classroom”

“I’ve learnt so much…!5!….What a fun and inspiring way to teach our little people phonics”

Our Autumn Term 2019 Martin Galway ‘Writing at Greater Depth’ Subject Leader Course received these comments;

“Brilliant! 5 out of 5. So many different things to take back to school”

“Very full of ideas that can impact leading in all year groups”

“Excellent CPD day. So much information and ideas to take back and share with my school”

“a very thorough and robust course made even better by resources on a memory stick!”

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