Culture and Arts Leaders for Schools and Academies (CALSAs)


CALSAs are experienced teachers who have been trained to work with schools to secure high quality Culture and Arts experiences for all children and young people.
The Kite TSA helped in the design of the role and training for CALSAs in partnership with Festival Bridge and Ignite TSA. The pilot in 2015 led to the designation of 5 CALSAs in Cambridgeshire and 5 CALSAs in Norfolk. Their role is similar to that of a SLE, offering a specialist for school to school support with improving the opportunities and outcomes for arts and cultural education, including supporting schools in becoming an Arts Council Artsmark school.

There are now 40 CALSAs working across the East of England. As experienced specialists the Kite TSA CALSAs take a lead in working with colleagues to promote arts and culture activities to improve their offer to young people. This includes signposting and collaboration with arts and culture providers and supporting in the delivery of Arts Award programmes for pupils and the attainment of Artsmark for schools. If you would like support from one of the Kite TSA CALSAS, please get in touch.

Become a CALSA

If you are an arts teacher in Cambridgeshire and would like to find out more about this role and how you can become a CALSA then we are keen to hear from you. There is a modest budget that can be made available to pay for release and training will be provided. This could be a first step into middle leadership and can help teachers with opportunities to develop their skills in delivering peer-to-peer support and coaching. . Click here to see a powerpoint presentation about the role

Emily Lane Emily is based at The Spinney and has been a CALSA from the start of the pilot. Her passion for the arts allows her to bring a rich variety of ideas and connections to schools. Emily has delivered MUSH projects like Singfest and Sing for your School. She's also known for yarn bombing and Knit-ting."Being a CALSA has given me a deep understanding of the new Artsmark process and it's a pleasure supporting schools."
Katherine Woodard Katherine has been a CALSA since the start. One of her notable projects was at Haslingfield Primary where 160 pupils came off timetable for a full day of art. Children produced an illustration of an Enchanted Forest and had the opportunity to work with a well-known artist on a doodle wall with the same theme. The school had not attempted a project on this scale before and is now in the process of applying for Artsmark.
Former CALSA Kelly Tarrant Kelly supported a baroque music project involving KS2 children from across a cluster as well as connecting schools with a local mosaic artist. At the end of her year as CALSA Kelly was promoted to assistant head. She said "It was a wonderful opportunity which I am very proud to have been a part of."
Former CALSA Isobel Garner Isobel delivered Artsmark progression work in two schools during the CALSA pilot year. She has now moved to Norfolk and hopes to continue in the role there. Isobel said “It was a fantastic opportunity which I would definitely recommend. It was great to be part of a professional network of people committed to promoting the arts in school and I can see how the impact of the CALSA role will increase year on year.”