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“Research is systematic, critical and self-critical enquiry which aims to contribute towards the advancement of knowledge and wisdom.”

Case Study Research in Educational Settings Michael Bassey (1999)

Educational Research is an important feature in school improvement and school transformation. Schools leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of supporting and encouraging teachers to select effective and efficient methods when planning pedagogic approaches and curriculum design as well as encouraging them to be involved in their own research in order to implement evidenced based practice in the classroom.

Recent papers;

A system mapping approach to understanding child and adolescent wellbeing – Department for Education Report – July 2019

EEF Guidance Reports;

The Pupil Premium

Parental Engagement

Digital Technology

Improving Behaviour

Metacognition and Self-regulated learning

Social and Emotional Learning

Putting Evidence to Work – A School’s Guide to Implementation

Improving Literacy in KS1

Improving Literacy in KS2

KS2 and KS3 Maths

Making the best use of TAs


Here are a few of the research organisations our alliance schools work with to secure optimal learning outcomes for pupils, students and teachers;

Cambridge Primary Review Trust

Education Endowment Fund

Learning Without Limits

Play in Educational Development and Learning

Schools as Learning Communities in Europe