We believe that there is no better form of ongoing Professional Learning than networking and connecting professionally. Being a part of a network, whether it’s a regular get together in person or in a virtual space (such as Twitter) is a great way to share ideas, solve problems and invigorate practice. This page is here to help teachers and education professionals find the right network.

We are happy to share details of network groups both from within the alliance and beyond. At present the page is still under construction. Please do get in touch if you’re looking for a suitable network group for your own professional development. We can help you to find out if one is already running or we can talk about helping to set one up. If you wish to promote a local or virtual network please let us know.

A new network being formed to connect STEM Ambassadors with Primary Teachers
Cambridge city SENCOs’ meet on a regular basis.
Promoting excellence in Maths teaching across Cambridgeshire
A new network . Details to follow