The quality of Leadership is one of the key factors to secure school improvement and drive positive system transformation. At The Kite TSA we believe that the value of Leadership is essential at every level in the school organisation. IoE academics – professors David Woods, Chris Husbands and Dr Chris Brown researched school leadership and have defined a set of 8 characteristics shared by successful school leaders;

  • They have consistent, high expectations and are very ambitious for the success of their pupils.
  • They constantly demonstrate that disadvantage need not be a barrier to achievement.
  • They focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning with very effective professional development of all staff.
  • They are expert at assessment and the tracking of pupil progress with appropriate support and intervention based upon a detailed knowledge of individual pupils.
  • They are highly inclusive, having complete regard for the progress and personal development of every pupil.
  • They develop individual students through promoting rich opportunities for learning both within and out of the classroom.
  • They cultivate a range of partnerships particularly with parents, business and the community to support pupil learning and progress.
  • They are robust and rigorous in terms of self-evaluation and data analysis with clear strategies for improvement.

The Kite TSA offers a number of courses, training, skillshares, networking opportunities, conferences, coaching and mentoring to develop and enhance skills in educational leadership.

The role I have right now, it is not something that has been given to me by someone. It is something I have chosen for myself.

Malala Yousafzai