Whilst The Kite will occasionally offer one-off courses we believe that creating positive relationships and forming professional learning communities with other practitioners over an extended period of time not only deepens the learning but has improved sustained positive impact in the classrooms. All our courses are designed to be inspiring, informative, collegiate, joyful and fun!


No More Marking – Year 2 

Starts 13/03/17

Comparative judgement is a modern approach to teacher assessment. Instead of marking every piece of writing individually, you scan every pupil’s portfolio into the No More Marking comparative judgement engine. Then by making a number of comparisons of pairs of items you build up a measurement scale. Instead of making absolute judgements of quality, which we as humans can’t do, you make comparison judgements of quality.

Four twilights to moderate Year 2 writing using the free* online comparative judgement tool

When: 13th March, 27th March, 9th May & 23rd May, 16:15-18:15

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