Professional Learning


The Kite TSA is a teacher CPD provider in Cambridgeshire. We actively participate in a CPD strategy group with other TSAs in Cambridgeshire and the local authority so that we can provide the best CPD for teachers in Cambridgeshire.

We are committed to ensuring that professional learning is an enjoyable and inspiring activity for all its members.  It recognises that while professional learning takes many forms it is optimised where teachers are open-minded, reflective, take responsibility for their own development and view their professional learning journey as an ongoing process throughout their teaching career.

The Kite TSA works in partnership with the other Teaching School Alliances and the Local Authority to offer a broad range of professional learning opportunities. We have worked collaboratively to build a complete view of the CPD offer for teachers in Cambridgeshire which can now be found on the Teach in Cambs website.  Our collaboration is represented by this cog logo.

Cambridgeshire County Council AND all Cambridgeshire's TSAs
Working Together

The Teach in Cambs site is fast becoming the perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ for teachers to find all the courses available for teachers in Cambridgeshire. It’s not yet perfect but we would actively encourage teachers to make use of the site and set-up alerts if there are particular course aspects  you’d like to hear about the minute they’re announced.

In addition to this The Kite TSA always communicates its own professional learning offer here on this site – both on the Courses page and as News. We update subscribers about our informal skills shares, training courses and conferences through a half-termly newsletter (click here to subscribe)

Whilst The Kite will occasionally offer one-off courses we believe that creating positive relationships and forming professional learning communities with other practitioners over an extended period of time not only deepens the learning but has improved sustained positive impact in the classrooms. All our courses are designed to be inspiring, informative, collegiate, joyful and fun!

If you can’t find a solution to a CPLD need via the Teach in Cambs site we would recommend picking up the phone to our Alliance Co-ordinator Suzie Young. She can work with you to better understand the need and then either signpost to existing courses from across the county (that may not yet have dates set for them) or organise a bespoke programme. Coming up with tailored responses to small clusters and federations is becoming increasingly common and can be a cost effective and convenient way to get exactly the right training. Ask Suzie for examples of the ways in which we’ve delivered such programmes or for testimonials.